Reality EP

by Jackson UK

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released April 19, 2016

Words and Music by Jack Baldus

Produced by Jack Baldus and Lloyd Starr

Engineered and mixed by Lloyd Starr

Jack Baldus - Keyboards and talkbox
Leyton Ford - Vocals
Asian Hawk/O. Love - Turntables and vocals
Barney Sage - Drums
Joe Price - Guitar
Richard O'Brien - Bass
Douglas Cave - Saxophone
Teddy Heart - Percussion



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Jackson UK Bristol, UK

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Track Name: Touch
Spending all my time, just
Wondering aimlessly, just
Soul Seeking
For your touch
Your touch
Yearning for so much
Your touch

When I set my eyes on you
I knew it was light I desired I’ve been mired
Though I thought my love was through
But the touch
Of you hand is so grand understand

You rocked my world with just the feel of your fingers
And you can walk away but
My love will always linger
Cos your touch makes higher and I never will retire
From the Love sensation

When I set my eyes on you
I knew it was light I desired I’ve been mired
Though I thought my love was through
But the touch
Of you hand is so grand understand

Don’t leave me sad and lonely
Girl, you know we can take it slowly
I’m empty wonderin’ this world so coldly
I need you all the time

Positivity is what we need for you and me
Keep our love light
Burning, Yearning
Free yourself from negative captivity
‘Cos can't you see together is what is urging
Track Name: Reality
What’s done
Is done
That’s what you’re told to say
Experience is a cold teacher
But It’s who you are today
If you could go back to the time
When you needed you the most
And tell them that it’s OK

Step outside from the normal you
Take your time from how you feel you’re true
And act differently - It’s got you nowhere

Time and time again the wall has grown
The more you respond the more it turns to stone

Is it me boy? Is it them?
Track Name: Ayers


Come into my world
Let your love unfold
In the good life
There’s no turning back
Darlin’, you’re right on track
In the good life
You re gonna make it baby
Slow it down now, lady,
the good life
It ain’t goin’ right
Just sit tight, you just might
Get the good life

Spread your wings
Like Bees see flowers and pretty things
And Fly (So High)

Seeing daylight, don’t fight, all right
In your eyes
You’re a shining star
It can seem so far
But keep on seeking

The Good Life
Heart’s desire
Love on fire
The Good Life

Turn your back
On tears you
Cried and pulled you

Don’t let
your Heart’s desire
be clouded by another.
Your love
Make it burn like fire
Ignite and you’ll inspire

Track Name: Night
Keep on falling

Take me to the unknown
No one but the dark is king
Shadows are overthrown
Where Fate is hanging by a string

Systematic leaves me static
Nighttime fanatic an enigmatic
New state of darkness
Never feel so quite at home

For it is the night which shows beyond the madness
No need for sadness amongst the badness
Where it is safe to roam

Uncertainty of what could be
Illusions confusions delusions
Another vision of precision collisions

You make me feel safe and sound
Alone from the impurities of the day

But one sunny day
You’ll come to me
To turn me away
And all that I see
Is the shade of hope
From the night all around
When I could not cope
In the night I was bound
Raised to the sky
Tied by no weight
And now I can Fly
In your hand is my fate

I hear it calling
I feel it crawling
Bring me back home
In Dark I Roam

Can’t keep on falling (through the night)
Keep on turning (til you bite)